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Watch as they come and go, causing havoc or possibly preventing it. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how things play out

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1Random Chatter Empty Random Chatter on Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:55 pm

Hi people ^_^

This is just in case anybody wants to talk so tada

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2Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:47 pm

Hello Dere Wink

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3Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:02 pm

HIIIIII -waves like s apaz-

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4Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:04 pm

-waves back equally spazzy- xD

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5Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:18 pm

Ok, so I was thinking about things as usual in my half dream state and came up with a plot line that deals with the coming of age a select group of races: Mermaids, Sirens, Nymphs or Undines, and maybe Selkies and Kelpies.

Basically it would be when the child is born, based on the past, future, and present of the parents, it will take the form of a mermaid, siren, nymph/undine, or selkie. Might allow humans but idk yet. Kelpies would be the chosen beast that watches out for them since they can go on land and be in water.

Everything is water based. Even if they live on land they must be near a large body of water.

Selkies would be the highest form of good pretty much (and human) since they'll be able to shed their sealskin to walk the land as a human for as long as they like.

Undines are the elemental spirit of water. They're beautiful, mischievous women who guide lost travelers to their death. They would be the a step below their cousins the Nymphs who have no problem stealing children or playing with travelers to the point they go mad.

Mermaids I'm torn on. Either they'd be cold hearted with grand wisdom and magic or they'd be warm, helpful, and curious. They might be above or below Selkies. Who knows.

Sirens will be the mermaids more evil cousin. I would give them the ability to take on the figure of a mermaid to lure humans that trust them as well as a beautiful human form. In true form they have wings, scaley legs and random parts of their face, and long talons.

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6Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:04 pm

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7Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:17 pm

They all stem from the romping of the gods and demi gods. Mermaids came from the pain of loss love. They swim in an eternity of reflection, expanding on their philosophies and pondering if it is better to love or not at all. A child born into this race is a child of a mourning heart and soul. It's never malicious or tainted. Mermaids hold their power in the water and a specific shell or flower worn when they're on land. They will only grant a wish if a person is able to cheat death.

Sirens are the pain, anger, and envy of betrayal or suspicion of it. Unlike their cousins the mermaids, Sirens hold to the fuel of retribution and exacting judgment on men and women that cross their paths. They can also come from malicious hearts and souls. But a mermaid can find herself turned into one should her own heart harden or she purposely takes the life of another being. Sirens have the power of song and can kill either by physically drowning their victims or filling their lungs with water by kiss or thought.

Selkies are born from either sadness or happiness but whichever it is, the hearts and souls that give birth to these creatures are torn between two things in their life. They're tears are healing and the moon makes them stronger. Only during a month of two full moons can they breed.

Nymphs or Naiads are born of false selves, lies, denial, and reckless behavior. They have no morals, guilt, or remorse. They are playful beings but at times they let curiosity and fun get the best of them. They do have a mean side however. Should you wrong a Nymph they will haunt you till you kill yourself or feed you to their kelpies. Nymphs are tricksters. Their powers lay in the realm of illusion. If their victim loses sight of what's real they will remain trapped in the illusion and forget to eat, sleep, drink, etc

Undines are born of cruelty, malice, chaos, and strength. They are patient beings who help guide others through various environments (swamps, forests, woods, trails) and ultimately leads them to their death. They either drown their victims or feed them to kelpies and other blood thirsty creatures. They tend to keep to land but enjoy water. They stick together like their cousins the Nymphs when they're not taking lives. If a lost one is able to break from an Undine's spell and find his way back he is granted one wish but it is a risk. To get something must always be taken.

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8Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:45 pm

The Gods

Potamoi (River Gods)->nymphs, sirens
Nereid (Sea Nymphs)-> undine, nymphs
Glaucus (God)-> mermaids, selkies
Thetis (Goddess)-> nymphs, sirens
Psamathe (Goddess)-> sirens, undine
Nereus (God)-> selkies,
Proteus (God)-> selkies
Sedna (Goddess)->siren, undine

Kelpies are Poseidon's gift to his children to protect them from mortals who wished to harm them.

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9Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:17 am

Prospective Names for "the human"

Roeland - Lenard - Frans - Mathieu - Rene -

Baldric - Piers - Ammund - Bane - Reamus - Lorens - Regnault - Bernard - Gaspar - Guillman

Lieven - Armel - Andrieu - Claude

(random girl name: Annora)

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10Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:04 pm

While a war brewed between the french and the english, another was brewing between humans and vampires. It was a battle as old as myth and legend. Men came to arms with one goal, to wipe out the creatures that took life to save their own.

After getting word of the Hunters' return, covens flee their stable homes to find safety. Those that stayed to fight are no more. Covens found were burned and cut down. In the year of 1348, when the humans were stricken with disease and an ongoing war, vampires were able to gather together once more to make a new coven out of necessity. They made a new home in one of the first villages hit by the plague. Bodies of plague victims were left were they fell to ward off other humans. To outsiders, the village was one of death and infestation. No travelers dared to linger to close to its borders.

Here vampires called home. The smell of rotting flesh is but a small price to pay when protecting their own is on the line.

Mathieu aka "The Human"

Known to both sides of the war as a deserter. Mathieu left his comrades and the threat of the frontline for home. Unfit for war was how he described himself, a coward was how the others saw him.

Upon arriving home, he was devastated to see his home was stripped bare of everything by looters. All that was left to find were the bodies of his infected family. He found solace in knowing none of them had to die with the truth about him.

But there were soldiers after him. Word spread of their search for Mathieu, the traitorous coward of France. For his life he fled. The spreading of the plague made his travels treacherous. To hide amongst the healthy left him vulnerable but to stay amongst the ones marked by death was a terminal decision.

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11Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:20 am

Vamp Snippet

Mathieu shifted in his spot at the base of a tree. More out of a need to do something other than sit in silence than any sort of discomfort. Though if he was being honest with himself, he couldn't get comfortable surrounded by vampires. They were always so silent while they traveled and quick to shut down any of his attempts at conversation.

There was an obvious tension in the group since they started out that evening as well. It seemed as if the female, Layla, and two of the males, whose names he got mixed up every single time, were against the rest of the group using him as a feeder. He had heard the argument from the basement of the last empty house they had borrowed while they readied themselves to leave as the sun went down. It hadn't sounded like a new argument either.

Lovely. I'm caught between a rock and hard place. One side wants to eat me and the other plans on giving me up as a sacrificial lamb. Leaning his head back on the trunk of his tree, he took the moment to study the vampires a little closer. All but the one keeping watch were huddled around a tiny fire and looking at a map to chart their course so far. They all had this unearthly beauty around them that was hard to believe.

It got him wondering. Not one of them were ugly. Even the rougher guy had a face that would make the girls back home swoon just from a look. Was there some sort of requirement to become a vampire? One had to be young and beautiful?

"Are all vampires beautiful?" He had to ask. These were the only ones he had seen but if they were representatives of the rest of their kind, they had to have some gorgeous vampires in their covens. He also knew they heard him. They all became even more still than they were before, could only tell because the fingers froze on the various spots on the map.

One of them, he wasn't sure if it was Silas or Pierce but they were the only ones who had spoken with him in any sort of conversational tone, began chuckling and glanced over at him. "Would you want to look at an ugly face for the next few centuries?"


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12Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:11 pm

The One That Got Away

It's Valentine's Day and you bump into your ex-lover whom you refer to as "The One That Got Away." What Happens?

Will be doing this challenge from three perspectives.


Three hundred and sixty five? Another number that each of us are taught to remember either inadvertently or purposely. Out of those three hundred and sixty five days, there are a handful or two days in particular that matter more than the others; birthdays of loved ones, holidays spent with family, traditions held tightly to with friends, annual events that make us feel alive. Then there are the surprise days that fate deals out to throw us for a loop. Today was one of those stomach clenching, mind numbing, heart racing kind of surprises. I remember his birthday, the holidays shared, the traditions we started, the annual events we loved to plan for. One look at him and it all came back. On one surprise Valentine's Day where there were no lilies, chocolates, or sweet nothings, he was. Happy Valentine's Day to me...

Gray gloom was the morning forecast. If there were ever a day to wish mother nature would prove mankind wrong it wouldn't be today. The promise of rain from the darkening overcast helped the worn down hearts prepare for yet another reminder of why their lives are void of someone who they can enjoy it with. Priscilla Adams was no exception. She woke up to a soundtrack of nautical sounds, her alarm by choice. Her roommates made no attempt to confront her and she made no attempt to change. "It's the sound of peace," she often told them when they asked why she liked dying whales, "and they aren't dying. They're living freely."

As she stepped over the yellow line, crossing from subway car to the 32nd street platform, her mind was busy running down the day. Her first class started in an hour. That gave her time for a quick, pathetic but filling breakfast from one of the vendors and, depending on traffic, studying.

The usual bumping of morning risers rushing to their next destination registered as nothing more than background noise. She was one of them. She moved on autopilot while her thoughts traveled elsewhere, giving a news production room a run for their money in its efficient multitasking.

"Rude much," she shouted at one of the rushing robots who did more than the acceptable brush.

With a scoff and a roll of her eyes she returned to checking her email and expertly navigating her way through the slower crowd. She did a quick glance up. Walking the long blocks were a risk. The clouds had yet to release their water weight but with the way they looked, Priscilla took no chances.

A cab ride and fifteen bucks later she was back on the sidewalk where she was once again bumped roughly by a suit who rushed and missed the cab she had just freed.

"Excuse you," she mumbled rather loudly.

"You could have held him."

That voice.

"Didn't you hear me?"

It couldn't be.

But then the suit turned to face her. That was his voice. Before her stood the man she had somehow managed to train herself to forget. Gone were the brown Justin Timberlake curls that made his boyish features almost troublesome. In their place was a modest low cut that made him look the part. The dark gray suit helped. It also made his smooth caramel complexion and hazel eyes all the more alluring.

"Prissy?" He had taken to snapping in her face to draw her back from what he assumed was a daydream.

"Don't call me that," she told him too quickly in response, absently shifting the shoulder strap of her messenger bag. He knew she hated the nickname. She was sure that was why he used it whenever he could.

"Prissy and spunky." He chuckled at his private joke. "Some things just don't change. How's school?"

Priscilla looked over her shoulder at the building. The question had her breaking the eye lock they had going. "Good. Have another year." It was home base. One quick dash and she'd be on the other side of the double doors resuming her day. "How's life?" She asked instead, taking the detour route life pointed out for her.

He shrugged, checked his watch, and looked up the street. That's new. Keeping time was something he didn't do. Least not when she was with him. Guess three years changes some things.

"Got an internship. Unpaid. So, you know, have to find another cash flow." His cool, easy tone dried up at the topic. The trained charming detachment had you guessing if he was happy or mildly content.

Somebody called out to her. Though it interrupted the slow melting of the ice, she wished they had more time. For what was up in the air but she wanted the extra minutes.

He was the first to speak since her friend called for her to hurry up. "I'm glad you're doing good." He placed emphasis on the word good. She wasn't sure if he meant it or not. Didn't stop her from smiling a toothless smile and murmuring a "Take care" before leaving him again for the umpteenth time.

He's controlling, selfish, immature, and has no ability to commit. It was the same line she told herself the first ten times she walked out on him. But maybe he's different. It was the other line that brought her back. It made her pause. Looking back, she sighed. He was already gone. She blinked a few times to stop the tears from a lost future and memories of a happy past. It didn't matter how bad things got, he was always going to be the one.

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13Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:43 pm

The One That Got Away

It’s Valentine’s Day and you bump into your ex-lover whom you refer to as “The One That Got Away.” What Happens?

Will be doing this challenge from three perspectives.


Getting out of bed had become a job. The type of job that made the bones groan from the strenuous assault of stress, burdens, and dead ends. Since he moved back into his parent’s place two and a half years ago things went from a slow leak to massive flooding. Uprooting, why me, devastating flooding.

A knock at his door distracted him briefly from buttoning the last few buttons of his shirt.

“We’re leaving. Sure you don’t want to ride with your aunt Faye?” His father stood awkwardly in the doorway as if he couldn’t decide to enter or stay out of his son’s space. “That, uh, that looks good. Your mother would approve.”

Ty contorted himself to get the best view down at himself. “Yea,” he replied softly but disinterested. The soft purple dress shirt looked nice enough. Fit him better since he bulked up some. Didn’t make him like it but it was her favorite. Both of theirs ironically enough.

A silence hung between them, the men his mother left behind to fend for themselves and build a bridge to connect each other without her all knowing advice. “Guess we’ll see you there.” His father nodded, giving Ty one last chance to do more than stare pointedly at him to go away before seeing himself off.

Since his mother’s death, things in the apartment was a blur. When the blur did slow down it didn’t reveal much. His father stayed out as often as he could. Ty couldn’t blame him, not for that. Her memories were everywhere. It had been over a month and he swore he could still smell the perfume she loved to suffocate them all with. It smelt like wet dog covered with baby powder but she didn’t care. To her it was a fresh garden.

He wondered who else wore the so called perfume. Whoever was crazy enough, they couldn’t wear it with the same confidence. And when somebody who had no sense of smell complimented her on it, she lit up. The bubbliness of her lost youth shined through at those times. Nobody could tell her anything. He remembered one time when a younger nurse gave her grief on one of her fifteen hours shifts. At the time his mother hadn’t had more than three hours of sleep but one compliment from the guy at the meat section and she could put up with anything. She came home, tired as ever, but upbeat enough to tell them how the girl messed up five charts, outright refused to do the grudge work of post ops, made a child cry, and then had the nerve to question her superiors.

Ty could hear her heavy laughter as if she was sitting next to him. He propped up his elbow on the narrow edge of the car window, playing out the what if conversation in his head. “You finally got nerve?” She’d ask. “Course, Ma,” he’d start, “always got nerve.” She’d likely snort and shift in her seat before lecturing him about treating women right and how she didn’t bring up no street runner.

The cab rolled to a stop, he paid the driver, got out, and looked up at the building. “Bout time you went after that girl,” his version of his mother told him. He could hear the snarkiness of a wise woman. He knew he was imagining it, knew in a matter of an hour he’d be giving her eulogy, but it didn’t take away the extra spring he got in his step from the fake nudge. His mother always did have a soft spot for Priscilla. “There’s something ’bout that girl I like,” she told him once. “Don’t ruin it. She just might be who takes care of you when I’m gone.”

If you only knew.

Ty waited at the corner for sight of her. Thankfully the city was filled with weirdos that liked to lean up against walls. Most had on rags, dirt, and mops of hair all over but he could be different. The well offs didn’t deviate from their high gaze when they walked past the idle homeless. Not many. There was one man who eyed him suspiciously. That quickly stopped when Ty made direct eye contact.

Swiveling his focus back to the street, he cursed under his breath. The guy nearly had him miss the chance to see her again. Standing still as the bricks he was leaning up against, he told himself he was just going to watch her a little longer then go. The weight of the funeral and sorting out who gets what not to mention mourning the woman that stuck by him his whole life had been taxing. There were days he hated the world.

By chance one day he saw Priscilla. It stopped his world, the world he hated so much to be alone in. She was there rustling through her bag for one thing or another. He never got the courage to speak to her that day. Between knowing how selfish he really wanted to be and how he hurt her so badly when she walked on three summers ago, he couldn’t do it. But on the day when he needed strength, he had to see her. All he needed was to see her, one last time.

She paused to get her wallet out and he smiled. She still used the one he bought her. Maybe that was what gave him the push he needed or maybe it was thinking what did he have to lose, but he ran over waving his arm like a fool, shouting “Hey, stop! Hold that cab!” Helped he was in a suit and actually looked like he was trying to get a good cab. She never noticed though. Didn’t so much as look up, not till he did the one thing he knew would get her attention.

As he rushed past her to skid to a stop at the curb, he had purposely bumped her hard enough to incite that fiery, moralistic side of her. It took everything in him to not ruin the facade he was creating when he heard her. That was his girl. Always ready to take on the world.

“You could have held him,” he groaned out, letting his arms fall dramatically back to his side. “Didn’t you hear me?” All the yelling he did couldn’t have been that easy to ignore. Then again, it was New York and she was very good at drowning out the world.

Turn slowly. Be cool. Don’t ruin this. Looking her over, he frowned. Maybe he already did. She was unresponsive. He had basically put her in a standing coma.

“Prissy?” He risked snapping his fingers. Even went as far as doing it inches from her face. That did it. She was reflexively smacking his hand away and snapping about his nickname for her.

“Prissy and spunky,” he chuckled, loving how he could still get under her skin. “Some things just don’t change. How’s school?” Felt good to have her around again. Deny it all she wanted, she grew to like the name. Same way she grew to like going to school. When they first met, she was taking a break from it to figure out if she was the college type. Now she was looking at the place of higher education like it was her church.

“Good,” she started, “have another year.” She took her time looking back to him. Though he hated losing sight of her warm brown eyes, he was okay with looking her over. She had fallen into the skinny jeans fad. She was no twig but her thighs were just right. Gave her small hour glass figure a boost.

She asked how his life was and three answer options popped up. He could tell her everything, maybe invite her to the funeral. She was fond of his mother. Or he could skip a few things while giving her some truths. Both weren’t good enough. She’d know he was leaving out stuff and if he told her about his mother’s passing, she’d drop everything out of the kindness of her heart. So he lied.

“Got an internship. Unpaid. So, you know, have to find another cash flow.” Quick, short, to the point. He dressed the part so it wouldn’t raise any liar alarms. None she could easily pin on him.

Who he guessed was a friend of hers called out to her about class starting soon and needing her notes. The interruption broke the spell that kept her there. He could see the anxiety it was causing her to be so torn.

“I’m glad you’re doing good.” He told her truthfully.

There was more that he wanted to say. I miss you. i keep thinking about you. i need you. His heart had a lifetime of things to say if he let it. But she was already getting antsy. He freed her once, she didn’t know it, but he let her go to spare her from the turmoil in his life. His was crashing down around him just as hers was taking off. To weigh her down would have killed him more than letting her move on.

So he took her take care with a appreciative smile. He could have her believe he was good too. He wasn’t about to the rain on her day. Mother nature had that covered.

When she was a decent distance away, he jogged to the other side of the building where he originally popped up from. I did it, Ma, I got my nerve. With a final look up at the building, he whispered happy Valentine’s day and got in the cab.

Time moved on. She did, his mother did, and he had to too. First step was sending his mother off properly on her favorite day. He’d do right by her, by both of them.

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14Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:30 pm

Coccidioidomycosis, known as “cocci,” is also called valley fever and can be contracted from digging in tainted/infected soil that houses the fungi. Can be lethal enough to kill.

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15Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:34 pm

That word is ridiculously long. O.O

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17Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:01 am

Nessa's gelding (gelding is a male horse that has been 'fixed' so they cannot breed)

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Azzy's mare (female horse)

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18Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:00 am

Random Thoughts
By marsreine


This will touch on my more open-minded, random, comedic story of heaven and the hours before we come to be in this world through the fabulous, messy, forgettable way of birth.

If you’re good with that, read on adventurers, read on.

This whole theory came about one night when my sister and I were sitting around in the kitchen. Night time seems to always bring odd times for me, especially when my sisters are involved. On this fateful night, we came up what happens twenty-four hours before we’re born.

Before we’re called on, we’re waiting around. Doing what I’m not so sure on since that wasn’t part of the theory but feel free to explore that on your own. I know I will later. But when that time comes, the shopping begins.

There is a long white carpet that leads off into a welcoming darkness (we aren’t going there yet). On either side of this are the open venues of the main attributes, personality traits, characteristics, etc that we will need in our earthly life. It’s a constantly occupied area. Always clean, noise and voices limited to calm, hushed tones, and a large clock looms over counting down.

It sounds like an easy task and it would be if there weren’t thousands waiting in line. You must also adhere to a one main rule……no more than ten can be selected. The catch is, there are levels of each. Going up from the basic level will count as a another selection. For example, opting for high tolerance (level 7) will count as 7 out of the ten. You now have 3 left. What will you do? How will you use your time to your benefit?

The rest will be left up to fate.

Will you waste time standing in line for Patience and miss out on Wisdom? Will being Athletic be more appealing than having good Health?

The clock chimes, the shrill sounds of the earthly world fill the once quiet space, and one by one we enter the darkness to be born again in a flood of light, blurred vision, muffled voices, and new experiences.


It is a theory that entertains me when I’m bored. There are times I consider doing a cute comic or flash fiction with it. Maybe one day I will. Till then, I just enjoy the weird little world I set up.

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21Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:13 am

“Heads, we get married; tails, we break up.”

I looked up from my freshly painted, puke worthy, pink toe nails and saw that my drinking partner was soberly offering up those odds. It was a cool night by Florida standards. I think Mother Nature liked my visits down to swampsville cause it was always nice when I came down.

"How about heads, we get movie wasted; tails, we get your mom is going to kill me wasted." I chuckled at my own sad attempt at being funny. If we got lucky, we'd get drunk enough to do something insanely stupid and newsworthy.

"Mhmm," she shook her head vigorously and, stupidly, I mimicked the action, nearly giving myself a headache. "We're upping the stakes, remember?" She drawled out.

She grew up in the backwoods of Florida and was unlucky enough to get that red-neck sounding accent. Thing was, on her, it wasn’t annoying. Was cute and whenever she got really mad, man was it sexy.

Groaning, I sat up. The car hood was not as comfortable as I thought it would be or romantic. I had a few choice words for those rom-coms for giving her that idea. "Come on, Isa. Isn't it risk enough I let you paint my nails?" Had a few more words to whoever for giving her that one too. Who paints a guy’s toes?

She handed off her beer to me, hopped off the hood, and dove into the car through the open window. It looked like she dove at least. Craning my neck I saw that her thighs down were dangling out while she searched. At five-eight, she had enough height to work with.

“Dime!” She wiggled her way out of the window but not without bumping her head. “Christ,” was my show of concern. She wasn’t hurt though. Didn’t so much as grimace. Isa rubbed the spot, giggling the whole way back.

“How can you be sober yet not?” Isa was the first girl I met who acted like a sober drunk without having a drop of alcohol in her system. Add the liquid courage and she got worse. Clumsy, spontaneous, giggle fits. Girl was nuts but she was my girl.

With a shrug, she took back her beer to wet her tongue. “I’m that special. Here.” She handed off the can again and readied herself for our fate.

The coin was tossed in the air.

Insane, was my first thought; the coin flipped once.

Stupid, was my second; the coin flipped twice then thrice.

Who gives a shit, was my third; the coin flipped on.

And then it landed.

“What is it?” I tried to see but she was hiding it from me. “Move your fat hand.” It was meant to get her to stop blocking my view. Instead she scooted off the hood and just stared at me.

A prickling feeling started in those ugly barbie nails of mine and spread upwards. My stomach was no better as a uneasiness settled there. If she made me wait any longer I was sure I’d be puking and not because of a good night of drinking. Did I mention we’re not even dating? Been childhood friends for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a crush on her far longer.

“It’s over,” she told me flatly.

“What?” I’m not a romantic or remotely sensitive but those two words paralyzed me. I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing cause she threw the dime at my head. “You say it’s over and I get hit?” What kind of justice was that? No wonder women in power made old geezers nervous.

“Stupid,” she murmured just before adjusting her sweater. Floridians swore anything below eighty was cold. “You’re no longer my friend.”

“Bull!”I had to stop my not so sly ogling. I don’t know when it happened but Isa got curvier. “I’m cut off cause some piece of metal?” She was breaking up our years of bonding over coin flip. I really should have known better. I was never good at probabilities.

I don’t know why that night stuck with me. Maybe it was how it started or maybe it was that look in her eyes. She was ready for whatever came. It has been four years since. We broke up alright. Instead of being friends, we started dating. We’re exclusive now and tonight, tonight I’m proposing to her the right way. Heads, we get married next year; tails, we get married tonight. Take that probability.

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22Random Chatter Empty Re: Random Chatter on Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:41 am

“Heads, we get married; tails, we break up.”

Looking up from my laptop, I stared hard at the boy in front of me. I’m sure my disbelief must have come off as confusion because he began to repeat himself. That absurdity was silenced quickly when I raised my hand in the universal sign of ‘quiet please’. I had to wrap my brain around it before I could even think up an appropriate response. “I thought you promised me that you had stopped drinking.”

“What?” Well, it seemed like it was his turn to look confused before he bristled like I knew he would. “I’ve been clean for six months Raz, you know that.”

“If you’re not drunk, then how do you explain this half-assed proposal when we aren’t even a couple?” It made no logical sense. Forget the marriage part, since he was far below my intelligence level to begin with, but we weren’t even together. It was a miracle that we were even friends. I couldn’t even recall how this odd relationship started other than it had become normal now.

“I’m being serious here.” And now he had this hurt look behind the bristling. What was with the male species and managing a kicked puppy dog look while at the same time sounding offended and angry with a woman? Weren’t women supposed to be the confusing ones? Austin was an expert at it and I had an inkling that he knew it. “And it’s win-win. Heads, we get a happy ever after and tails we get to stick to our odd friendship until I figure out how to make you say yes.”

Now I was sure he had lost all sense. This conversation was getting to the point that I even had to take my lollipop from my mouth so that he could hear me clearly. “Austin, you’re not my type.”

“No one is your type.”

“That is a false assumption.”

“That is a cold hard fact.” He sounded so sure of himself that I wanted to reach across the table and smack that smirk away with the chemical engineering textbook sitting in my lap. What did he know anyway? Mister Physical Education Major. Couldn’t even pass a science class without my help.

“Can I call the record books? This is the first time that Raz Sylvester has ever not had a comeback.” That textbook across his face was looking better and better by the second. But I was not a Neanderthal. I would not resort to violence when one of lesser intelligence managed to frustrate me. It was definitely not worth the repercussions, no matter how much better I’d feel.

“If I have no type, than why in the world would you think that I’d want to marry you? What could you even bring to the table to make this appealing to me at all?” It was a low blow but it seemed as if he had been expecting it. If that glint in his eye was anything to go by.

“Good looks?”

“And pass on your narcissistic attitude.” He could easily get away with good looks but that wasn’t getting anywhere with me. I wasn’t one of the cheerleaders to fall for those brown eyes and handsome smile. This conversation was only getting weirder and I had to wonder why I even deigned to humor him in the first place.

“Well, I’m the only guy in this world that will put up with your know it all bum. It’s very unattractive Raz, you aren’t going to be able to get any other guys this way.”

“So you’re suggesting I marry you out of convenience?” Now I was feeling a bit offended, which was surprising since the most Austin had even been able to do was annoy me with his stupidity.

“No. I think you actually love me under that rock hard exterior.”

“You,” I started, closing my laptop and sticking my textbook back into my bag before I stood and pointed my lollipop at him, “Are delusional. Do yourself a favor and find someone of equal or lesser brain capacity.” With my piece on the matter said, I figured it was time to find a new place to study. Preferably one where the idiot trailing behind wouldn’t find me for a few hours at least, or days, either one worked.

“Hey! Raz! I didn’t even get to flip the coin yet!”

“It’s a fifty-fifty chance that I’m still going to say no.”

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I Want You Here by Plumb

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